The Emergent Classroom project completed in 2013 was a very challenging project for Enzo Developments. The construction of the equivalent of 3 schools in a span of 4 months to ensure that students were able to be in an environment conducive to learning was imperative for the students affected by the June floods. With the team of dedicated staff at Dendera Electric, our goals were achieved in a highly organized and professional manner.

From the planning, designing and implementation of site servicing aspects, we were able to streamline the work with the team at Dendera. Their dedication, costing control and staff experience were key in supplying an end product that was marveled by the staff and School Boards alike. The hands on approach and input from Paul and Connor made important timelines being reduced in the decision making processes.

We wish to recommend Dendera Electric as a Contractor of Choice and will be our first call in future projects. Tim Claughton, Enzo Developments Inc.
Thank you for the work that you have done on our latest project. I always appreciate the effort that you put into finding workable solutions to unique site conditions. In particular, I am grateful for the work and coordination required to create the controls for the boiler system in the 2 homes. Also, I am very pleased with the LED strip lighting we went with in the kitchen. Thanks for the time that you put into researching new and relevant products.

I am pleased to recommend your company to anyone looking for quality workmanship and a conscientious and friendly crew. I wish you continued success and look forward to working with you again. David S, Intermodalhome Incorporated
Dendera Electric supplied Shella Bay Homes Ltd. timely, expert and professional service during the course of an intensive inner-city infill housing program. It is apparent that Paul Rivera makes a continuous effort to sensibly grow the business, improve its practices and maintain technological currency. The resulting benefit to Shella Bay are unparalleled responsiveness and a best-in-class electrical system in our projects.

Dendera site personnel are most pleasant to deal with and work well with other trades on site. Paul and Fred are problem solvers with site issues usually brought to my attention after being successfully resolved.

Dendera Electric is a key part of Shella Bay Homes' success and I do not hesitate to provide this strong endorsement.

Joel S, President, Shella Bay Homes
Horrible to deal with trades? Not with Dendera! We are extremely happy that our custom-home project manager referred Dendera Electric to do all electrical and multi-media wirings for our new 5,000 square foot home in Spring Valley. Insightful comments, creative suggestions, high quality workmanship, reliable and on-time scheduling and the best group of trade workers is all that I encountered in personally supervising the construction in the past year.

Thank you Paul and Dendera Electric for all your hard work. We would be more than happy to serve as a reference for any prospective clients that you may have.

Roger C

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